Certificate. Standard ISO 9001:2015

Certification scope: : Repairing of armored vehicles, production of new types of armored vehicles, repair and sale of spare parts. Modernization of armored vehicles and spare parts for it.

Milling-machine DNM 500 DOOSAN

High performance vertical milling machining center DMN 500 with high-speed tool changer magazine for 30 positions with control system (CNC) Fanuc 0i-MD.

Milling-machine DNM 500 DOOSAN

Main technical specifications

Section Options Size
Machine model DNM 500
Control system Fanuc Oi-MD
Movement Axis movement X 1020 mm
Axis movement Y 540 mm
Axis movement Z 510 mm
Distance from spindle nose to table 150-660 mm
Distance from spindle center to column 587 mm
Table Table size 1200 х 540 mm
Spindle Spindle rotation speed 12 000 rpm
The feed rate / guides Accelerated movement (along the axis X / Y / Z) 36 / 36 / З0 m/min
Working feed (along the axis X / Y / Z) 1-15000 mm/min
Tool store Tool magazine capacity («with hend») 30 positions
Maximum tool diameter 080 mm
Energy resources Nominal power З0 kVA
Compressed air connection 0,54 MPa

Precision characteristics:

Characteristics Axis Guaranteed value
Positioning accuracy X ± 0,005mm
Y ± 0,005mm
Z ± 0,005mm

Turning lathe CTX-510 ECOLINE

Turning lathe CTX-510 ECOLINE

Machine model CTX 510
Work area
Workpiece diameter, maximum mm 680
Turning diameter over bedplate mm 465
Turning diameter over the revolver, maximum mm 465
Transverse movement (X) mm 300
Longitudinal movement (Z) mm 1.050
Accelerated pass (X / Z) m/min 30/30
The main spindle
Diameter of the rod, maximum mm 90
Diameter of 3 jaw hydraulic cartridge mm 250
Rotation frequency, maximum rpm 3.250
Positional accuracy X / Z / C mm 0,014 / 0,016 / 0,03

Plasma cutter RUR 3000 GP

Series of machines RUR are represented like an upgraded model of the machine SCORPION. Synchronous drive for moving the machine on the rails allow it be classified as high-precision systems for metal cutting.

Plasma cutter RUR 3000 GP


  1. Fully welded portal without bolted connections.
  2. Linear movement along a transverse axis.
  3. The speed of the portal (12000 mm/min).
  4. Membrane keyboard.
  5. Automatic regulation of height of the gas burner.
  6. Automatic breakdown of material with a fast preheating.
  7. Automatic initial height sensing of plasma torch.
  8. Automatic gas console.
  9. Selection cutter using the control panel.

Technical data

RUR 3000
max. number of cutters 4
the track width 3000 mm
cutting width 2700 mm
cutting length there is no limit
minimum parallel slice 90mm
cutting speed 0 -12000 (20000) mm/min
thickness of metal for cutting 0,5-200 mm


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